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At Alaska Salmon Fertilizer, we're dedicated to mastering the art of growth.
AKSF is a team that produces locally made salmon fertilizer. This fertilizer is special because it has salmon that are actually out of Alaskan waters, unlike some brands that would have you believe it comes from Alaska. 

It is also special because it is alive. With the lactobacilli in it, your plants are provided a beneficial bacterium that helps sterilize soil and remove by-products that can build up and create a harmful environment. In turn, this limits the undesirable organisms in the soil. It creates a more balanced environment that is able to support plant life. Lactobacillus contributes to decomposition and disease suppression. The bacterial cycle is responsible for regulating the balance of composition in soil, to encourage life by increasing the formation of humus. Our fertilizer also performs as a growth regulator for fungi, yeast, and aerobic bacteria.  It's a natural PH down too!
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