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Alaska Salmon Fertilizer is a phenomenal product. We used this fertilizer heavily with our Brassicas and root veggies and got fantastic results. In previous years we have had issues with our native soils starting to run dry on nutrients. We could produce a decent amount of produce but we noticed a uniform decline in plant leaf health once they reached maturity. Our soils were on the verge of being depleted and we could only squeeze one big harvest from each plant. This past season we generously applied Alaska Salmon Fertilizer to our garden soil and we were blown away. I have never seen broccoli continuously produce so many side shoots after the first harvest. Our garden maintained an impressively healthy look all the way up to the first hard frost. We pulled a collective 536 lbs of carrots, turnips and green onions out of the ground - up from 380 lbs the previous season. Between kale, kohlrabi, broccoli and cauliflower we harvested 460 lbs of produce out of our Brassica garden - up from 325 lbs the previous season! We cannot wait to put this fertilizer to work this coming season in our high tunnel and our compost pile to see what other benefits we can get from it!




Fruiting plants bear more flowers, compost breaks down more quickly, vegetables soak up more nutrients, starts seem more resilient, and over-watered and rotten house plants magically come back to life. I can't really explain how but this stuff really makes you want to learn why, so you have to see it and use it yourself to believe it.


Thanks so much! And thanks for making the most powerful substance known to the soil food web!!

We firmly believe in the ‘keep it local, keep it natural’ approach when it comes to sourcing the products we use at our facility. And, like any agricultural business, we’re always trying to figure out ways to improve and maximize the yield and quality of our produce while keeping costs down. Alaska Salmon Fertilizer (AKSF) was exactly what we were looking for in a fertilizer/probiotic – an organic, sustainable, responsibly and locally sourced product made from some of the finest natural ingredients on the planet at a great price. We also loved the fact that a little bit goes a long way and (unlike most other fertilizers) it’s relatively fool-proof in the sense that you really can’t hurt your plants by overdoing it. We actually poured about a half of a bottle directly on a couple plants and they loved it. The plants that received AKSF maintained more vibrant color (almost a shade of blue-green); had noticeably stronger root systems and therefore grew with more vigor; and had visually higher yields compared to plants that didn’t get the “salmon sauce”. Simply put, we haven’t come across a better all-around product, and highly recommend getting a bottle to see the results for yourself. You won’t be disappointed – no matter what you’re growing.




The best organic fertilizer you can get on the market!


I witnessed the process with my own eyes and even had the opportunity to get my hands dirty! This fertilizer is the real deal.


The least movement is of importance to all nature. The entire ocean is affected by a pebble.

-  Blaise Pascal -

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