meet the team


Alaska has been a home for Taylor and Ryan for decades.  Both with strong connections to fishing communities, they have seen the beauty, chaos, and struggle that comes with it. 

Having noticed the rampant waste issues on the Kenai, an idea was born.  Alaska Salmon Fertilizer is the result of years of dedication infused with cleverness and ingenuity.  Drawing from the notion that the living world is intimately tied together, AKSF created a soil amendment that weaves balance between both life and death.

Bearing the fruits of our labor, what was once 'waste' comes wholly nutritious foods. 


Effectively closing the loop on the natural cycle.

Ryan is a dreamer.  He grew up in the small fishing town of Homer, Alaska.  With rich entrepreneurial spirit pulsing through his vein, he is adamantly against the term 'impossible'.  Looking to steer the world back onto the right course with socially impactful businesses.

Taylor is a 3rd Generation Gillnetter out of Kenai River with aspirations to make a positive impact worldwide.  His grandfather decided his career as a professor wasn't exciting enough, he packed up with his wife and headed to Alaska for adventure.  The same spirit flows through Taylor to this day. 

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better

-  Albert Einstein-

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