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Our Mission

Alaska Salmon Fertilizer was created with the core beliefs of Community Service, Sustainability, Local Production, Grassroots Progress, and Food as Medicine.


These beliefs guide us in our pursuit to create a more effective product and business while considering the effects of our endeavors on all of those involved. We strive to prove that business with a conscience is the most effective model, and through this philosophy, true progress can be achieved.  Socially impactful businesses are the future.


We realize the culmination of these values is found in food, both through its consumption as well as its cultivation. Food is integral to human life and human activity; it nourishes the body, mind, and soul. Food production is intimately tied to the land on which it is raised, and most vital to the land is its soil. Alaska Salmon Fertilizer was created to nurture the soil, in turn fostering a truly flourishing land -


And finally, nurturing you...

“The earth has its music for those who will listen.”

-  George Santanya -

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