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Fresh from the waters of Alaska, we harvest the sockeye salmon that goes into every bottle. 


Our ground up approach is unlike any other - The probiotics are grown from the ground up with all organic ingredients. 

No LABS or shortcuts here.

Uniquely set apart from any other brand.

The Benefits


  • Maximizes Yields

  • Organic & Sustainable

  • Stimulates Root Growth

  • Provides Omega-3/Omega-6 Fatty Acids (Proteins & Nutrients for your plant and microbial food web)

  • Inoculates Your Soil

  • Protects from Disease ( By Outperforming Harmful & Unbeneficial Bacterium As Well As By Creating Hearty Plants)

  • Nourishes The Microbial Food Web & Keeps It Intact (Less Work For You In The Garden!)

  • Breaks Down Nutrients Into Bio-Available Foods

  • Reduced Fertilizer Runoff

  • Improves Water Efficiency

    We highly recommend combining this in addition to your current soil regiment and not to use it as a standalone amendment.

Alaska Salmon Fertilizer's Probiotic Infusion

  • Don't like your results?

    Keep the bottle and email us for a refund.

    We urge you to take variables like weather, previous soil health, and other amendments into consideration.

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