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Alaska Salmon Fertilizer

Organic • Sustainable • Uncompromising




Stimulate roots

Maximize Yields

At Alaska Salmon Fertilizer, we're dedicated to mastering the art of growth. 
AKSF is a team that produces locally made salmon fertilizer. 
We don't take shortcuts.
We make our own probiotics with everything organic from the ground up.



To The Point

Maximizes Yields

Stimulates Root Growth

Optimizes Nutrient Absorption

pH Down

No Offensive Odor

Effective Microorganism (EM)

Organic & Sustainable

Unlocks Nutrients for Bio-Availability

Boosts Plants Resiliency to Pests & Disease

Reduces Reliance on Pesticides/Fungicides

In Detail

Would you like to maximize your yields to never before seen levels?

Our probiotically infused fertilizer will stimulate your plants root growth and boost your nutrient absorption through the roof.

Our stuff is no regular fish fertilizer. It is unique in nature as it has salmon that are out of Alaskan waters.

This living fertilizer is teaming with microbes. The beneficial bacterium in our product creates a balance you can find only in nature.
Because of this boost in root growth, in turn, you see massive gains in fruit and vegetable production. We have had customers boast getting 2x - 3x their average harvest, just by introducing our fish sauce into their growing regiment.

Our lactobacillus acts as an immune booster to all plants. By stimulating root growth, it builds stronger, more resilient plants that can fight off all sorts of pests and disease with no need for pesticides!

It contributes to the breakdown of organic matter as well. Bacteria work together with fungi to provide your plants with essential water and nutrients from the environment around them. Because of this, it means less watering and not having to hit those perfect nutrient load times that you're obligated to when you use chemicals.

It's naturally lowers your pH too!


Alaska Salmon Fertilizer is a phenomenal product...
...We pulled a collective 536 lbs of carrots, turnips and green onions out of the ground - up from 380 lbs the previous season. Between kale, kohlrabi, broccoli and cauliflower we harvested 460 lbs of produce out of our Brassica garden - up from 325 lbs the previous season! We cannot wait to put this fertilizer to work this coming season in our high tunnel and our compost pile to see what other benefits we can get from it!

—  Jake Scott, Green House Manager, Chena Hot Springs Resort

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"Nature is simply what is and has nothing to do with what ought to be."

-  Julian Baggini -

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